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Up to 47% of Physicians Suffer From Depression and More Than 400 Physicians Die Annually by Suicide

Over the last decade, the statistics of physician burnout, and especially physician suicide have become alarming. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated this problem by heaping additional, often, uncontrollable stresses upon our physician population. 

According to a recent Medscape survey, up to 47% of practicing physicians suffer from undiagnosed depression. Physician suicide is the highest of any professional group. Medscape also reported that 1 in 10 physicians stated they either contemplated or attempted suicide within the last year. Unfortunately, acknowledging mental health problems could adversely affect medical licensures or hospital privileges, causing many of our colleagues to resist help and suffer in silence, until sometimes it is too late.

Physicians are Leaving the Practice of Medicine in Record Numbers

Burnout is also slated to have a devastating effect on the physician shortage. According to the American Medical Association, 1 in 5 physicians intend to leave their practice in the next three years due to burnout, resulting in a physician shortage by 2025. With the physician shortage already an issue, if this increased loss is left unmanaged, it will have a devastating impact on our area hospitals, practices, and community.

KAM Cares!

The KAMF’s VIP program is designed to help our physicians manage the rigors of work-life balance, long before the stressors impact their ability to practice medicine. This program features 3 key components that have been proven to reduce burnout and help cultivate healthy, thriving physicians. The KAM Vitality Initiative Program (VIP) focuses on:

  • Education
  • Social Engagement
  • Anonymous Physician Counseling

Anonymous counseling (6 sessions annually) is offered at no charge for KAM Members to lift up our colleagues struggling with depression and stress. By providing this benefit without charge, we can ensure there is no record which could be reportable to employers, hospitals, or licensing bodies. In fact, KAM staff and KAM leadership will only know that a session was utilized by a member and will not be made aware of which member used the counseling.

Doctors Helping Doctors

We need your help to underwrite this important initiative! This program is designed by our doctors and exclusively for our doctors but requires funding to operate. Would you join us today by supporting our colleagues who need this vital service by becoming a VIP donor? Together we can support our physician community and promote healthy, happy careers in medicine and build strong medical families.

Join your colleagues as a physician donor in KAMF’s Doctors Helping Doctors VIP Legacy Society. All gifts are tax deductible and go to support the VIP Physician Well-being initiative of the KAM Foundation. For more information on joining the VIP Legacy Society, click here.

VIP Conference - Education

The Knoxville Academy of Medicine Foundation presents an annual VIP Dinner Conference with a nationally known speaker designed to lift up both physicians and their spouses to help strengthen our doctors. Guest presenters have included world-renowned speakers and authors such as Wayne Sotile, PhD and Mukta Panda, MD. The conference is also a CME opportunity. Please visit the KAM Event page for details on the next VIP Dinner Conference. 

VIP Events - Social Engagement

We believe that social engagement is an important element to overall physician well-being.  To that end, several social events where physicians and their spouses can meet with their colleagues hereby creating a network of support with fellow physicians.  Sometimes those events will be both educational and social, such as our VIPs at Sea Cruise where physicians have an opportunity to earn CMEs in Physician Well-Being, as well as, form friendships and enjoy fun in the sun!  

VIP Anonymous Physician Counseling

For physicians struggling with stress, depression, or burnout, the KAMF VIP program offers completely anonymous counseling without cost to the member (6 sessions annually). 

A major deterrent to seeking help among physicians is the concern for confidentiality. The Knoxville Academy of Medicine Foundation is addressing this obstacle by offering its members a unique and secure counseling solution to getting the needed help. Custom made for physicians by physicians.

If you are experiencing symptoms of burnout and would like to speak to a counselor, call the KAM VIP Hotline today!

VIP Hotline Counseling

(865) 9999-KAM

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